FMJ is a not for profit charity providing a mediation service for families in Jersey.

All initial intake sessions (approximately one hour per person) are free of charge.

All clients will be means tested for mediation sessions and charged individually according to the income bands below, unless:

i) a client is in receipt of Legal Aid,

ii) a client is in receipt of income support, or

iii) one party is willing to pay the full amount for both parties.

Clients will be assessed on their net income (from all sources) less income tax and social security deductions only.

Net income
(after statutory deductions)
% payable % payable
Under £15,000 per annum No charge £0.00
£15,001 to £20,000 25% £43.75
£20,001 to £30,000 50% £87.50
£30,001 to £40,000 75% £131.25
Over £40,000 100% £175.00