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Manager (Part Time)

Family Mediation Jersey (FMJ) seeks to appoint an experienced Manager to lead the planning, development, implementation and review of the mediation service and to act as Secretary to the Management Committee.  

The charity was established in 2013 to provide a family resolution service that aims to help separating couples and other family members sort out differences.

Applicants will ideally have gained management experience at a senior level, be self-motivated, possess excellent interpersonal & communication skills, demonstrate a proven track record of organisational excellence & knowledge & experience in technology, websites & marketing. 

The current Manager works 25 hours on a flexible basis including some evening work.  FMJ is open to enquiries from applicants who might be interested in the role as a Job-Sharing opportunity.

A job description and details of the service can be found below.   Applicants must be entitled for work.

The Role

Manager of Family Mediation Jersey (FMJ)

Purpose of the job

As the senior officer of Family Mediation Jersey, the Manager’s principal responsibility is to lead the planning, development, implementation and review of the mediation service and to act as Secretary to the Management Committee.


Family Mediation Jersey is a Charity (currently awaiting registered charitable status from the Jersey Charity Commissioner) which was established in 2013 to provide a family resolution service that aims to help separating couples and other family members sort out their differences and prevent further disputes.


The Manager is accountable to the Chair of the Management Committee of FMJ, for developing the service in support of the Charity’s objectives and the strategy of the FMJ Committee, within the overall framework of National Family Mediation.

Key tasks:


• Develop, lead, manage and co-ordinate all the activities of FMJ, reporting, as appropriate, to the Management Committee.

• Represent Family Mediation Jersey at a senior level in meetings and promote the aims of the charity.

• Seek to ensure that all work practices are sensitive and responsive to the needs of the clients.

• Ensure that mediators and other staff have a secure working environment and that the confidentiality of client records is maintained.

• Advise on matters concerning the management and strategy of FMJ, identifying issues which have policy and practice implications and brings these to the attention of the Management Committee with appropriate information and recommendations

• Ensure that the Management Committee is properly serviced and that the organisational aims and objectives set by the Committee are fully met.

• Ensure that FMJ’s services are accessible and relevant to all members of the community, and that FMJ practice on equal opportunities in in line with local policies.

• Ensure that FMJ operates in a secure and safe way and that appropriate policies and actions are in place.

• Ensure that a complaints procedure is in place and that any complaints/concerns are investigated reported and dealt with appropriately.


• Develop Business Plans for FMJ in support of the Strategic Objectives of the Management Committee.

• Advise the Management Committee of potential developments in response to changing needs in the community, best practice and the law.

Human Resources

• The recruitment, selection and retention of staff, in conjunction with the Management Committee and the Professional Practice Consultants (PPC) where applicable

• With the Professional Practice Consultants, ensure that on-going training, supervision and support are provided to the mediators.

• Ensure that an effective performance management culture is in place and that arrangements are made for staff appraisals, goal setting, monitoring and review.

• Develop and maintain effective systems for the payment of staff.

• Ensure that relevant HR policies and procedures are in place, are reviewed regularly and updated in accordance with best practice and the law.

Finance and budgeting

• In conjunction with the Honorary Treasurer assist in the preparation of accounts for the annual financial audit.

• Manage FMJ finances within approved limits and prepare regular and timely reports on financial performance for the Management Committee.

• Maintain accurate and timely payroll records and administer remuneration to FMJ staff.

• In consultation with the Chair and Treasurer, prepare and present grant applications to the public authorities and other funders.

• Work to secure funds to meet FMJ’s commitments and identify appropriate developments which generate alternative sources of funding.

• Monitor and review levels of payments made by clients to FMJ.

Communications and public relations

• Ensure that the communications network is effective within FMJ.

• Co-ordinate an effective programme of work with the media.

• Liaise and maintain links with appropriate statutory , voluntary and professional bodies.

• Represent FMJ in appropriate local networks.

• Further develop communication about the service and within it to meet modern expectations/requirements and prepare and disseminate publicity materials .

• Raise awareness of the services provided by FMJ and work to increase the profile of the Charity.

Administration, health and safety

• Maintain high standard administration systems in support of the activities of the service  which include the management of enquiries, appointments and service records.

• Develop and maintain efficient and confidentia l records.

• Ensure that premises and equipment are maintained to a high standard.

• Ensure the effective administration of functions relating to FMJ’s Charitable status, its status as an employ er and that appropriate insurances for the Charity, it’s employees, Governors and clients are in place at all times .

• Ensure that a health and safety policy is in place in line with current legislation and local regulations.

Knowledge and skills

Applicants will ideally have gained management experience at a senior level, be self-motivated and confident in working on their own initiative .

Excellent interpersonal and communi cat ion skills are essential as the post-holder deals with a wide range of stakeholders , including the legal profession and politicians, and will be dealing with clients of the service and colleagues within mediation.

The post-holder must have significant knowledge of financial and HR management, communication,

market ing and public relations. While no formal accounting, HR or PR qualification is required, experience and demonstrated competence in these areas will be essential.

Applicants should possess a high level of IT skill, including the ability to use Microsoft programmes and QuickBooks financial packages. A knowledge of website management and media is desirable.

A flexible approach to work will be essential in order to support the Mediators whose work often involves meetings outside of normal office hours. With agreement, weekend work may be required.

Dimensions of the job

The post offers opportunities for innovation, development and growth of existing services.

The present postholder has indicated his intention to retire by March 2021, or earlier if a successor is identified sooner.

FMJ operates currently from premises in Suite 7, Bourne House, Francis St, St Helier JE2 4QE and is administ ered by a Volunteer Committee. FMJ is affiliated to the National Family Mediation

Association of England and Wales (NFM) and provides a service in accordance with t he crit eria and requirements of NFM.

The staffing complement comprises the Manager of the Service, 2 Professional Practice Consultants and 7 Mediators; all of whom currently work on a part-time basis. One of the existing staff members stands in as Admin istrative Assistant to cover the Manager during periods of annual leave.

The office is currently open between the hours of 10 am and 5 pm on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, although mediations often take place outside of these hours. The Committee is prepared to consider a change in opening hours where this can be justified.

The present postholder is contracted to work 25 hours per week and exercises a lot of flexibility to ensure t hat the office is manned in support of our policy relating to “lone-workers” . Although mediation via Zoom or equivalent methods is also available to clients as an alternative to meet ings in the office.

Family Mediation Jersey is an equal opportunitie s employer and is open to enquiries from applicants who might be interested in the role as a Job-Sharing opportunity.

Further Information

Residential/employment status: applicants must be “ entitled “ or “entitled for work”.

Please email your CV, together with a letter supporting your application to:

Alternatively, post them “in confidence” to: The Chair, Family Mediation Jersey, Suite 7, Bourne House, Francis street, St Helier, JE2 4QE