Some comments from a selection of clients who found our service helpful

Mediation is a brilliant and very valuable service to help people willing to come to a fair arrangement with the guidance of someone who is capable of steering the way forward.


FMJ helped me understand the processes required to achieve a mutually agreeable end state to our separation, whilst keeping the focus on the positive wellbeing of our children. An excellent service.


Divorce is not a pleasant or polite. By its very nature there is bitterness, distrust and people working to their own agendas. FMJ offered me a place to express the issues I was facing in a controlled environment and in order to secure resolutions to the benefit of all parties.


The mediator treated us fairly and gave us both the opportunity to speak and listen to each other to get a resolution.


The mediators were very good listeners as well as patient. Together they managed to advise us of possible and practical solutions to our problems.


FMJ took some of the pain away and guided us to a mutual agreement.


FMJ was a relaxed and professional solution to a tense and failing family situation.