What does it cost?

As a not for profit organisation and registered charity, we ask for payment according to income on a sliding scale.

How long does it take?

Each session lasts for up to an hour and a half, and it is usual for clients to attend 1-5 sessions.

Do I need a lawyer?

We recommend that you use a lawyer to obtain independent legal advice during the process of mediation.  However, use of the lawyer will be targeted, therefore avoiding the hefty legal costs associated with the traditional route of ‘lawyer only’. The mediator will talk to you about this and options available to you.

Summaries of any agreements reached during mediation will be provided to you. These will not be legally binding, but you can take them to your lawyer to see if a legal agreement can be formalised. This is usually the case where proposals are made relating to property and finances.

What if there is already a court case?

Although we are independent of the court, you may still be referred to our Service if the court thinks the Family Mediation Service could help you. Time will be allowed for this in the court process. In most cases the court would want you to make your own decisions rather than these being imposed on you by the court.

How can I make an appointment?

We would be pleased to hear from you direct on telephone 01534 638898.

We also take referrals from lawyers, the court and other helping / support agencies.

We arrange separate interviews for each of you first of all, so that you can discuss your situation individually and find out more about the mediation process. We are also able to see you together for the first interview, should you so wish, however, mediation cannot take place unless you both voluntarily attend a mediation session together.