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Family Mediation Jersey
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The new Family Mediation Jersey Website, is now live and has helpful information about the benefits of mediation and how the FMJ service can assist you if you are dealing with divorce, separation, child arrangements or property and financial matters. There is advice about who we help, how we help, lots of useful links to aid you and there are also testimonials from families that we have helped in the past. ...

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Family Mediation Jersey

If you are able to do this kind of thing - well done. It does make a difference...It's hard work but worth it for your children's sake. ...

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10 benefits of mediation...

1) Greater control - you are involved in negotiating your agreement and nothing is imposed upon you

2) Long term success – as you’re leading the process rather than being directed by a third party, decisions are more likely to stick and you’ll hopefully come up with something that feels more agreeable to both parties

3) Reduced costs – the cost of mediation is a lot lower than trying to settle the matter through court

4) Confidentiality - mediation is confidential to all parties

5) It’s voluntary - any party may withdraw at any time

6) Convenience – mediation can be at time to suit you and if you prefer to meet in separate rooms, this can be arranged too

7) Faster outcome – an agreement can usually be reached more quickly than if pursuing through lawyers and the court, especially because mediation can be used early in a dispute

8) Support - mediators are trained in working with difficult situations. They act as a neutral facilitator to support each party through the process

9) Relationships preservation – mediation helps participants focus on effectively communicating with each other as opposed to attacking one another

10) Child inclusive – specially trained mediators can work with children so their opinions are heard and fed back. This information isn’t used to make decisions but their viewpoint being listened to can be insightful as well as healing

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