How we help

We help families in conflict, especially those who are going through, or those who have been through separation and divorce.

Independent mediators help facilitate conversation and decision making to enable each party to be better heard and understood in order to come up with the fairest decisions possible for all concerned.

Mediation reduces conflict, and your family stays in control of arrangements over children, property and finance, instead of handing it over to the court. It’s also usually a quicker and more cost-effective way to settle things than court proceedings. Statistics show that decisions made through mediation are also more likely to be adhered to as you are making them jointly through facilitated conversation as opposed to via a third party.

We’re able to mediate discussions such as:

  • Where children will live when parents separate or divorce
  • How children will share their time between parents
  • How parents will communicate with one another about their children
  • How property, pensions, other financial assets and debts are to be divided up
  • What child support is to be arranged
  • How often children will see of members of their extended family
  • Whether any agreements reached will be formalised and whether the court will need to be involved to make a consent order or otherwise

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    FMJ is a not for profit charity providing a mediation service for families in Jersey.

    It is also a member of National Family Mediation (UK) and the Association of Jersey Charities.

    All mediators are professionally trained and supervised according to best practice.