Terms & Conditions

FMJ is a not for profit charity providing a mediation service for families in Jersey.

All initial intake sessions (approximately one hour per person) are free of charge.

All clients will be means tested for mediation sessions and charged individually according to the income bands below, unless one party is willing to pay the full amount for both parties. FMJ reserves the right to cancel future mediation appointments if invoices are outstanding.

Net income
(after statutory deductions)
% payable % payable
Under £20,000 per annum No charge £0.00
£20,001 to £25,000 25% £47.50
£25,001 to £35,000 50% £95.00
£35,001 to £45,000 75% £142.50
Over £45,001 100% £190.00

If you are unable to keep a scheduled appointment, please give FMJ as much notice as possible; at least 24 hours in advance of a cancellation of an appointment, otherwise a fee of up to £50 may be charged.

We reserve the right to cancel future mediation appointments if invoices are outstanding.

We strive to make mediation available for all so if you feel you can’t make payments at the level that has been set, or would like to discuss a payment plan, please discuss this with us.


FMJ clients cannot call FMJ mediators as witnesses, nor require them to produce as evidence any records or notes relating to mediation in any formal or informal legal process, nor will the mediator act or agree to act as a witness, expert or consultant in any such processes.

According to the Confidentiality Agreement signed by both parties and documents being ‘legally privileged’ and ‘without prejudice’, information from FMJ documentation should not presented at court, with the exception of the Open Statement of Financial Information.

Recording of sessions is not permitted without all parties’ (including mediators’) consent. Any recording is confidential and cannot be used in evidence in any future court proceedings.

In the event the court orders FMJ mediators to give evidence and/or disclose files;

i) the party who has made the relevant application to the court will fully indemnify FMJ in respect of the mediator’s fees and expenses

ii) if the court has made an order requiring the mediator to attend, give evidence and/or disclose documents, the parties will be jointly liable for the mediator’s fees and expenses.